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What we're about

The British Columbia Booksellers Association is the voice of independent booksellers in British Columbia. The Association and its members work to: promote the cultural importance of books by partnering together with publishers, writers and other associations in the Canadian book industry; contribute to B.C.'s annual Book Prizes; organize literary and writers' festivals in their own communities; and host many author readings and out-of-store events throughout the year.


By offering professional development seminars, circulating industry news, hosting an ongoing internet forum, and Facebook page, maintaining a webpage linking readers to their local indies, sending quarterly e-newsletters to members, and supporting our members on a personal basis, the Association works to promote the cultural identity and continued success of independent booksellers in every community throughout the province.





Why join BCBA?

Independent Booksellers Meeting Together: The B.C. Booksellers Association (BCBA) offers the only opportunity you have to meet together with your fellow independent booksellers from across the province every six months to exchange information and ideas, to enjoy peer support and best practices ideas, and to discuss industry news, issues, concerns, and solutions.

Professional Development: The BCBA offers its members full day programs for professional development at the February Book Fairs. Our seminars include presentations introducing entry level and advanced social media solutions for your business, as well as up-coming trends; panel discussions on current topics with CEOs of major Canadian publishers and informed booksellers; best practices seminars; member participation in round table discussions; and opportunities to build relationships with your fellow booksellers... Read more